A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


A game set in a world where slimes fight to survive. A world where there are no rules for goos. Play upto 3 players in 4 different modes : Normal fighting, TNT run, Laser game, and Bomb ticker. Challenge your friends on the same computer and find out who's the the best in each mode.


This game is HTML game, which means it can be run on any computer, in any browser. But this game has only been tested in chrome, so chrome is preferable.


This game is in early-access which means many updates will come, like skin costumisation, new game modes, etc. Please leave comment or answer this form.

Our website : https://sites.google.com/site/firegreekscorporation/

Install instructions

Download the game.

Extract the .zip file

Run the index.html file


Slimy Goolympics - Extutable V.0.2.0.zip 19 MB
Slimy goolympics Controls.txt 326 bytes


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Perfect game

Some minor graphic bugs but it's in early acces

Well Done FireGreeks

Thank you for your support